Diesel rolls out viral work in preparation for global campaign

Diesel is launching its first global campaign in three years this week, called "guide to successful living".

The first spot, called "oil klash klash", debuts with an online viral marketing push, which has been planned, seeded and tracked by Digital Media Communications, before it hits digital TV channels and cinema later this month.

The campaign was created by KesselsKramer in Amsterdam and the Diesel Creative Team.

The spot is set in a village that is suffering from an oil crisis and that is overlooked by an ancient castle. It is a simple love story that begins with a young couple, clad in Diesel clothing, pushing their fuel-starved car around. They crash in to a pole, resulting in the reappearance of oil, in a play on the word diesel.

Daniel Barton, the head of marketing and communications at Diesel Group UK, said: "We get a lot of interest from consumers on the internet with something as visual as Diesel."

The campaign was written, art directed and directed by Johan Kramer.