Digital consultant caught up in Georgia confilct

LONDON - A branding and digital consultant has escaped the conflict in Georgia after abandoning a horse trekking holiday in the country.

Chris Willis...caught up in Georgia conflict
Chris Willis...caught up in Georgia conflict

Chris Wills, client partner at Rufus Leonard, was on holiday in the country with his wife and two daughters when the conflict flared.

Wills and his family were advised to leave Georgia by their guide after Russian trops advanced closer to Tusheti in the north of the country.

However, they were unable to fly out of Tbilisi airport, which was shut by a bombing raid. Instead, they fled to safety in Armenia via a taxi.

Neil Svensen, CEO and Creative Director of Rufus Leonard said; "We were relieved to hear from Chris yesterday, and it sounds like the family have had quite an experience.  We wish them a safe and speedy return home."

Wills is expected to return to work on Friday.