Digital outfits fear late-delivery fines

LONDON - Digital agencies have expressed concerns over a new Association of Online Publishers and Internet Advertising Bureau policy to charge them for late delivery of online creative.

Following a trial period, which ends in April, websites will be able to penalise agencies for copy received after 12.00pm on the day before a campaign is due to go live.

Media owners can set their own charges, but two alternatives are being recommended: a fixed penalty or the full cost of the campaign, with impressions pro rated down for each day the campaign is not live.

Alexandra White, a director of the AOP, said: "We estimate that more than half of all online creative is delivered late. As sites start to sell out of space, that becomes more and more of a problem."

Agencies are worried that the guidelines allow media owners complete discretion over how much to charge.

John Owen, the chairman of the IPA's digital marketing group, said: "We'd welcome more discussion about the detail of the policy to ensure consistency of application."

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