Digital Trends: Consumers expect brands to know when to connect with them

As consumers face increasing information overload, they are expecting brands to use technology to connect with them at the right time. According to the latest survey into Digital Trends from Microsoft, more than half of UK consumers (54%) expect brands to use the latest technology to understand when it is the right time to connect with them*.

In the UK, some 42% of those surveyed are interested in future technology that is able to predict when users want, or need, to be connected and therefore, switch on and off automatically.

This trend for shoppers to drive new digital experiences – Intelligently On – is one of eight key digital trends that Microsoft has identified as it maps changing and emerging consumer behaviour and attitudes globally toward brands and advertising.

Other insights and recommendations for brands include: 

  • In a constantly connected world, people are seeking smarter ways to reduce the chaotic clutter of digital connectivity. Consumers want intuitive ‘off’ modes that don’t require action, but that can be fully trusted – technology that ‘disappears’, in effect, but doesn’t disconnect.
  • Ultimately, technology products and services will have moments of maximum relevance, and the most consumer-friendly brands will know when to disappear when they’re not required. In turn, consumers will be able to find those rare moments of peace and tranquillity in the modern world.

*From around 1,000 respondents Microsoft Advertising has joined forces with Brand Republic at to share the findings of its research insights into the future of digital behaviour and technology with brands and agencies. The first study is called Digital Trends and was conducted with IPG Mediabrands and The Future Laboratory. Visit to find out more on emerging digital consumer trends among early adopters as well as regular and heavy Internet users. The study examined awareness and engagement with trends, and evaluated behaviour and attitudes toward technology.

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