Dine Out: tipples and time travel

Step back in time or enjoy a bevvy at Event's latest dining suggestions.

Step back in time with Abigail's Party from The Art of Dining
Step back in time with Abigail's Party from The Art of Dining

Abigail’s Party


What is it?

Pop-up dining experts The Art of Dining will be hosting a 1970s-themed experience, featuring five courses, theatre, music and set design. The concept has been inspired by director Mike Leigh’s hugely popular play of the same name.

Set within a 1970s living room – complete with lava lamps, hostess trolleys and shag-pile rugs – Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr will serve up her take on a prawn cocktail, as well as fondue and half a grapefruit spiked with cheese and pineapple chunks.

When can I eat?

From next Wednesday (11 March), until 4 April. Tickets are £55 per person.

No luck?

If you’re looking for another authentic 1970s dining experience, the Interactive Theatre International’s Faulty Towers dining experience in the West End could be right up your street.

Uncle Barts


What is it?

The venue, which claims to be London’s first speakeasy-style bar, is launching an Aspall Cyder and salad-based cocktail menu to inject a fresh feel back into weary punters.

The Classic Countryside Crunch has been billed as a moorish medley of Aspall Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder, Tanqueray No Ten gin, celery, apple, fennel and sugar, served alongside a salad of sliced apple, fennel, celery and dried berries, splashed with Aspall Premier Cru. The Blackberry Beets is described as a berry-filled burst of Aspall Perronelle's Blush Suffolk (cyder with a dash of blackberry juice), Belvedere vodka infused with beetroot, fresh lemons and pineapple juice, served alongside an exotic fruit salad of pineapple and beetroot flambéed in blackberry cyder.

When can I eat?

Now, go now!

No luck?

A little time to wait, however, Hawkes - which makes cider from apples grown and donated by people living in London - is opening a new cider house in Forest Gate, east London, later this year.

World Malbec Day


What is it?

M Restaurants will be celebrating World Malbec Day (17 April) by launching its brand new outdoor terrace on Threadneedle Walk with a specially-created Malbec vineyard. The restaurant will be offering a special Argentine menu and wine tastings from their Enomatic machines with head sommelier Zack Charilaou, as well as three screenings of Argentine movies.

Guests drinking and dining at M during this time will also be invited to try the very best in Argentine produce and even visit the Malbec vineyard and crush some grapes barefoot.

When can I drink?

13-18 April.

No luck?

Why not celebrate the wine variety at London’s Vinopolis before it closes at the end of this year. Its Cantina Vinopolis restaurant, which serves up dishes that emulate the tastes of the Mediterranean, while the venue’s wine experience features self-guided wine-tasting experiences and masterclasses.

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