Direct Marketing Commission brings in Meadows-Klue for digital focus

LONDON - The Direct Marketing Commission has recruited Danny Meadows-Klue to its board to strengthen its expertise in regulating online advertising, email, social media and emerging digital platforms.

Meadows-Klue, who co-founded the Interactive Advertising Bureau and was its first CEO, worked on the first self-regulatory codes for online advertising ten years ago.

All disciplines of direct marketing practice -- including direct mail, email, SMS, interactive television, mail order, telephone, catalogue and online -- fall within the remit of the DMC.

The DMC was launched in September as the successor to the Direct Marketing Authority and is chaired by Matti Alderson, a former director-general of the Advertising Standards Authority.

Alderson said: "Danny worked on the first self-regulatory codes in online advertising ten years ago, in 2001 he pushed the European Commission to u-turn their decision on cookies in marketing, in 2002 he confronted media owners to cut pop-ups and interruptive advertising formats because of the effect on consumers.

"He is not afraid to speak his mind, and his track record strikes the balance between protecting the consumer and creating a framework for companies to work effectively in digital channels. That makes him a uniquely experienced to provide additional insight to an already strong board."