DIRECT: ON THE RECORD - Football fan Mark Trinder likes Liverpool, Clapham - and working at Safeway. Robert Dwek investigates

What’s your idea of fun?

What’s your idea of fun?

Footie (too much), socialising, hanging around in Clapham and bumping

into media people.

What are your personal and professional ambitions?

On the personal front, I’d like to play for Liverpool FC but I don’t

think I could get the header that Robbie Fowler got recently. I’d like

to see Liverpool stuff Man United this year. The London media world is

full of United and Chelsea fans. A lot of people know I’m a Liverpool

supporter and give me stick.

Professionally, I’d like to be successful in my current media planning

remit and to acquire a reputation for knowing my stuff, which a lot of

clients don’t have.

How many of the big food retailers have dedicated media managers?

As far as I’m aware, we’re the only one. When Roger Partington (the

marketing director of Safeway) came from Rowntree Nestle three years

ago, he brought the position with him. This also coincided with a

substantial increase in our media spend in order to raise our


How closely do you work with Bates Dorland and Zenith?

Very, very closely with Dorlands. It has a media planning team that acts

as an interface between Zenith and the account team at Dorlands. I track

Zenith in a very detailed way in terms of their performance.

How do you relate to media owners?

I also work very closely with them but never in terms of


Safeway is keen to form strategic alliances wherever possible, which

could mean sponsorships, or sharing market research and customer

database information.

What would be your ideal TV spot and poster site?

Hmm, tricky one. There’s a great poster site outside the Express

building on Blackfriars Road, just near Sainsbury’s HQ ... I’d also like

to get something on the BBC when it becomes available, which I’m sure it

will. During EastEnders, perhaps.

Safeway developed the ABC card. What is the future for supermarket

loyalty cards?

We now view them as an advertising medium. We have more than five

million card holders generating seven million transactions a week -

that’s a very powerful marketing tool. It lets you speak to your

customers directly in a very personal manner.

How far is it possible to integrate above and below the line?

All the way. We’ve done many integrated campaigns during the past year

which have included TV, newsprint, radio, posters, point-of-sale and

direct mail. Roger Partington is very media literate - frighteningly so

- which is good and bad for me.

Do you shop at Safeway?

Ooh, that’s a nasty one. When I can.

If you had the choice of Sainsbury, Asda, Tesco or Somerfield, where

would you shop?

I’d send my girlfriend to all four and ask her to get the cheapest


Why do you think Harry was so popular and was he axed too soon?

He hasn’t been axed, that’s a popular misconception which I’d like to

set straight. He’s still very much around. The ’Harry’ campaign worked

so well because it was simply the most innovative piece of advertising

our sector had seen.

It was something people could really relate to.

Mark Trinder

Occupation Media manager, Safeway

Age 30

Lives Clapham, ’where most of the London media world seems to live,

although there are far more agency and media owner types than clients’

Status Single, ’but with a lucky lady in tow at the moment’

Income band pounds 35,000-pounds 40,000

Appearance ’Nearly six foot, dark, power-packed, a footballer’s