Directgov launches Moneyspeak app

LONDON - In the wake of the Chancellor Alistair Darling's Budget, Directgov has launched a free application called Moneyspeak, which can be shared via social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

The Moneyspeak application is designed to make sense of the often confusing and alarming economic terms the public hears every day.

The application has two main functions. Firstly, a search bar can be used to enter a financial word or phrase, such as quantitative easing or fiscal stimulus, which then picks up on relevant references from across the web.

Secondly, it identifies information relating to the chosen search term by linking to the relevant Directgov pages.

Jayne Nickalls, Directgov chief executive, said: "Directgov receives more than 18m visits per month.

"By creating flexible tools that work outside of our site, such as Moneyspeak, we can make Directgov even more accessible."

Directgov is the UK's official website containing everything the public need to know about essential government information covering everything from renewing your car tax, finding a job or getting help with mortgage payments.