Directors Akerlund and Renck take on Rose Hackney jobs

The directors Jonas Akerlund and Johan Renck have left Jane Fuller

Associates following differences of opinion and are to join Rose Hackney

Barber along with Thomas Napper, another Jane Fuller director.

The three are accompanied by their producers, Nicola Doring and Chris


Jane Fuller, the founder of Jane Fuller Associates, said: "Jonas and

Johan spent nearly four years with me turning down every other top

script in London from Levi's to Budweiser and now last week Lynx. The

situation just became untenable."

Rose Hackney is pursuing a greater amount of young creative work under

the stewardship of the joint managing directors, Tim Katz and Matthew

Brown, who took over the company in March.

It has also signed the director Eden Diebel from and Ben

and Joe Dempsey from HLA.

The move will also forge a link between Rose Hackney and PAR, Akerlund

and Renck's Swedish production house.

Katz said: "We are delighted to have Jonas, Johan and Thomas on board.

We know their talent will be a fantastic addition to Rose Hackney

Barber's varied and exciting roster."

Akerlund, a Grammy award-winning music video director, recently directed

an fcuk campaign for TBWA/ London and is in post-production on his first

feature film, starring Mickey Rourke and Mena Suvari. His treatment for

Prodigy's Smack my Bitch up won two MTV awards, while his Ray of Light

for Madonna won five.

Renck has recently directed Nintendo spots for Leo Burnett and a Crown

Paints commercial for BDH TBWA.