Disney offers developers £95,000 to make healthy living fun

Disney is looking to the UK's regional software developers and start-ups to help build a tool promoting healthy living.

Disney UK: opening its IP to developers for healthy living tool
Disney UK: opening its IP to developers for healthy living tool

The company has partnered Creative England, an organisation that encourages growth in the UK’s digital and media fields, for the project.

Disney will make its entire IP available to entrants, meaning they can access the gamut of characters from any Disney property, which includes those from the Star Wars and Marvel franchises.

Matt Carroll, director of Disney Interactive, told Marketing the company had intentionally left the brief open to encourage a range of ideas.

He said: "We are trying not to define it too much so that people that will see the challenge and think about it in a different way."

Disney has previously looked at healthy living, joining forces with the NHS Change4Life scheme last year for the ’10-minute shake-up’. However, Carroll said this was the first time Disney had focused on healthy living, rather than entertainment, for a digital-only project.

When it comes to what the new tool might look like, he said: "We would be excited if there was something with wearable tech, so using a physical device with a digital output."

But Carroll added: "Even something like a public-safety message about crossing the road, or something social, could be an outcome – we are trying not to be too restrictive."

The programme is now open for submissions; three projects will be chosen for trial in April. Those developers will be given £5000 each from the funding pot to create a concept, with the final winner being awarded the remaining £80,000 around June. Carroll said he expected to see a completed project by February next year, depending on the idea.