Distillery launches first English whisky in 100 years

LONDON - In a case of selling sand to the Arabs, a Norfolk distillery is set to offer the first English whisky in 100 years and target it north of the border.

The English Distillery Company will be launching its 'Chapter 6' whisky on 16 December. It will go on sale in markets such as Germany, Japan and Canada and a 700ml bottle will cost £34.99 in the UK.

It has given itself a tough task of selling the spirit in Scotland, arguably the home of whisky. To do this it has been sending out emails featuring iconic English branding including a bulldog and an image of St George slaying the dragon.

The distillery went into operation in 2006 and was opened in 2007 by Prince Charles. The drink has had to be stored for three years to be officially classed as whisky.

Despite the prevalence of pub closures and tax rises on alcohol, whisky continues to sell well. Recently Diageo announced plans to double production of Bushmills whiskey, which is distilled in Northern Ireland.