DLKW creates Corsa crazy race ad

Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners has drawn inspiration from the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon Wacky Races in its latest television campaign for the Vauxhall Corsa.

The campaign, the follow-up to the agency's acclaimed "hide and seek" spot last year, features five Corsas re-enacting a cartoon-style race.

Malcolm Green, DLKW's executive creative director, said: "We set out with the intention of creating more than just a sequel to last year's 'hide and seek' commercial. I believe that the wacky races ad puts the fun both into driving and into car advertising."

In the ad, in order to win the race, each car attempts to pull a dastardly deed or trick that, in true cartoon style, backfires. Classic cartoon tricks include hiding signs, one car accidentally driving out over a canyon, a billboard with a picture of a road being used as a real shortcut and using a car-catapult to leapfrog the other racers.

The spot closes with the strapline: "Putting the fun back into driving."

The action is accompanied by a cartoon voiceover and sound effects, which include the trademark wheezy snigger of Muttley the dog from Wacky Races.

Steve Pople, the board account director at Initiative Media, which handled the media planning and buying, said: "Historically the Corsa has been popular with both the older age range over 45 and also the 20- to 30-year-old market. The opportunity for growth is at the younger end so the strategy is to continue with the fun to drive idea started in 'hide and seek' that appeals to the younger end."

The spot will run on media popular with the youth market including MTV, around football shows, films and programmes such as Angel and Malcolm in the Middle.

The campaign was developed by Keith Terry, Carlos Anuncibay and Keith Bickel, and directed by Jason Smith through Brave Films, with post-production by VTR.