DLKW produces poster for House of Fraser

LONDON - House of Fraser is inviting consumers to "come and play in our house" in a new press campaign, that seeks to promote the department store as the top shopping destination on the high street.

House of Fraser...new campaign by DLKW
House of Fraser...new campaign by DLKW

The posters, created by DLKW & Partners, feature "rooms" of a house in which models are interacting and playing with the clothes and products.

All the "room" executions are brought together in one larger execution, which takes the form of a cross-section of a large house.

Each execution carries a black border featuring the logos of all the labels stocked by the department store.

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Come and play at our house
Amanda Green, head of external communications, House of Fraser
Re-address people's perception of House of Fraser and position it as ?the destination for fashion on the high street
Creative agency
Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners
Writers/art directors
Steve Boswell, Steve Drysdale
Anna Hutson, Susan Poole
Lee Jenkins