DM start-up ready to refund creative fee

The former Joshua creative directors Brian Storey and Xanthos Christodolou have launched a start-up called Wand.

The direct marketing agency is positioning itself as a "results-driven" offering. It promises to refund its creative fee if the results its work generates do not match those of a client's previous marketing campaigns.

Storey and Christodolou are being joined by Ian Winton, a founder of Black Cat Direct, now called RMG:Connect, and a former Betfair marketer. Vidhu Kapur, the former creative services director at Harrison Troughton Wunderman, joins Wand in an equivalent role.

The agency, which is to be based in Holborn, will team up with partners in data, telemarketing and media to enable it to provide an integrated marketing service.

Christodolou said: "Obviously, no agency can guarantee that a campaign will be a success. But we're going to do the next best thing, by putting our money where our mouth is. If we can't beat - or at least match - a client's previous results, we are prepared to reimburse every penny of our creative fees. It's our way of showing how committed we are to getting it spot-on and we're confident we won't be making too many refunds."

Christodolou and Storey left Joshua in July. The duo have built a strong creative reputation during their career, which includes spells at EHS Brann and Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel.