Dmexco Decoded: Taking the pulse of the digiconomy

Keeping up with the pace of change is difficult enough. Using the latest trends to your advantage is quite another challenge.

Every year, Cologne plays host to Dmexco – a gathering of future-gazers and thought-leaders assembled to explore what’s new and what’s next in the digiconomy.

Across marketing, media, advertising, technology and the Internet of Things, the conference explores new innovations, technologies and trends – and there’s a lot to take in if you want to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the industry.

Online behaviour patterns are shifting in the face of new technological developments, from the proliferation of consumer-generated images and video on the web to the fragmentation of the consumer journey across different mobile devices.

And the tools that brands and agencies can use to reach out to consumers are becoming ever-more sophisticated and nuanced as new technologies make their presence felt.

To decode the complexities of this shifting media landscape, we’ve rounded up some of the most forward-thinking brains in the business to unpick the latest developments from Dmexco.

Richard Robinson, the EMEA managing director at Turn, explores how new technologies and techniques are allowing brand marketers to use programmatic’s reach while retaining the personal touch.

In online brand advertising, Hugo Drayton, the chief executive of InSkin Media, argues that the effect of trimming percentage points from media budgets pales in comparison to the impact of a compelling, creative ad treatment.

With images fast becoming the universal language as smartphones and photo apps proliferate, Andy Smith, the head of sales at Vibrant Media, makes the case for in-image ads as the next generation of display advertising.

And Jose de Cabo, a co-founder of Olapic, argues that consumer-generated photos are enabling marketers to meet the demand for photographic content – and are transforming marketing and the way we shop.

Doug Conely, the chief strategy officer at Exponential, focuses on the attention-grabbing interactive video format – offering nine steps to get people to spend more time with your video ads.

The interplay of new technologies and consumer behaviour is a rapidly changing, intricately connected system – and the task of reaching those consumers becomes ever-more complex with each new development.

Dmexco Decoded breaks down those opportunities and threats into simple, actionable information – giving you the tools you need to navigate the shifting media landscape.

Stephen Graves, consultant editor, Campaign