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'Do it for mom' viral ad brings sex education to the masses to combat low birth rates

Social video expert Be On reviews the latest viral by Spies Travel.

Addressing the all-time-low birth rates in Denmark, Spies Travel, part of the Thomas Cook Group, calls out to all wannabe grandmas in its latest ad.

The combination of sex and comedy appeals to a wide audience, ideal content for an international campaign. 9/10

Following the award-winning ‘Do it for Denmark’ campaign that took away multiple awards at the Cannes Lions last year, ‘Do It For Mom’, takes a similarly farcical approach to tackle the issue. The latest campaign encourages Danes to travel more and reproduce for their country, through the financial support of their parents.

Working from the idea that exercise and relaxation increases sex drive, grandmas across the globe are encouraged to donate money towards a romantic holiday for their offspring in the hope that nine months later, they’ll be rewarded with a baby.  

So far, the video has generated more than 4.8m views, with top celebs such as Ashton Kutcher sharing the video on Facebook and making it a viral hit. And it’s not hard to see why. Loaded with innuendos and suggestive imagery, Spies Travel, has its tone down to a tee.

The video merges graphs and charts, detailing Denmark’s low birth rates, with hilarious clips of couples hooking up abroad. The combination of sex and comedy appeals to a wide audience, is ideal content for an international campaign and one brands are jumping on left, right and centre.

For example, Porn Hub’s campaign, providing a natural way of generating energy through wearable tech with the ‘Wankband’, clocked up over 3.3m views. Fifty Shades of Real Pleasure parody back in February, caught audience’s attention through similar slapstick humour.  Brands know that sex sells and are constantly pushing the boundaries to keep their viewers interested.