Dodge rolls out new tagline "Domestic. Not Domesticated"

TV spot from Argonaut carries slogan from new AOR GSD&M

A new brand tagline for Dodge will make its TV debut on Sunday: "Domestic. Not Domesticated." Developed by GSD&M, the agency of record for Dodge, the line will run at the end of a 60-second TV spot by Argonaut that spoofs pharmaceutical disclaimers.

A deadpan announcer reads a list of Dodge side effects like "the feeling of immortality" and "irreversible changes in your life." He warns away people with an affinity for social networks or mobile games, as well as pregnant women and people who "do not want to get pregnant." The ad airs during "Comedy Central Roast" and features glimpses of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and Challenger SRT Hellcat muscle cars and the Durango R/T SUV.

The new tagline echoes recent political conversations calling for companies to produce products in American factories rather than overseas. But it lacks the patriotic (some might say jingoistic) overtones of Donald Trump’s "America First" slogan, or even milder campaigns of yesteryear, like "Made in the USA."

The spot from Argonaut is the first Dodge work to carry the new tagline from GSD&M. The Austin, Texas-based agency was named AOR after Chrysler ended its 6-year partnership with Wieden + Kennedy earlier this year. Dodge had previously been using the tagline "Born Dodge" on some content, as well as slogans for some individual models. Prior to that, Dodge used "Grab Life by the Horns," which was replaced with the less macho "Grab Life" in 2007.