Dogs Trust creative switches to women's weekly format

LONDON - Mather has created a fundraising direct mail campaign for Dogs Trust in the lurid style of popular women's weekly magazines, featuring cover lines such as 'Shot in the head -- but Arnold lived to wag his tail'.

The charity, which provides expert care for abandoned and mistreated dogs, is attempting to raise around £2.5m to cover its veterinary bills in 2009.

The mailer is an appeal to warm donors on its database, mainly women between the ages of 45 and 65.

Mather developed the creative to echo the covers of weekly magazines favoured by many of the target audience.

It has adopted the name 'Take The Lead', similar to best-selling title 'Take A Break'.

Adrian Burder, marketing director of Dogs Trust, said: "The generosity of supporters is our lifeblood -- without the money they give, we would not be able to give dogs the medical attention they need.

"Mather has tackled this crucial issue for us in an innovative and engaging way, creating a campaign that makes exceptional use of our real-life case studies."