Domino's launches 'mouth-boggling' campaign

Pizza lovers are lost for words in a new campaign by Domino's, which uses CGI to swap their faces and speak in gibberish.

Created by Iris Worldwide, the integrated campaign called "the mouth boggles" came about after the agency researched the emotions felt by the pizza delivery chain’s customers.

The result is a bizarre collection of mumblings and high pitched noises by people eating pizza in various situations, such as associates in a business meeting, friends in a park, and an older couple sitting by a telephone.

The 30-second spot ends with a voiceover by Peter Dickson, the announcer for ITV's The X Factor, who says: "Domino’s, so mouth-bogglingly tasty, you just can’t…", and then he is cut off by a final snippet of nonsense. 

Tom Loveless and Matt Wood at Iris created the ad, which was directed by Sam Hibbard through Somesuch. It broke yesterday on TV and will run for nine weeks.

All media for the campaign was planned and bought by Arena Media, including new marketing formats on Snapchat and Spotify. Domino’s launched on Snapchat in January this year and, for this campaign, is creating Snapchat lenses, which allows users to overlay a "Lost for Words" lens which "boggles their mouth". 

Iris has also created a Giphy channel for the campaign to help fans describe for themselves how Domino’s makes them feel in the form of GIF mini-animations.