Doner Cardwell set to promote London tourism for the LTB

The London Tourist Board has appointed Doner Cardwell Hawkins to

come up with a campaign to attract people back to London following the

terrorist attacks in the US.

The LTB has a budget of £5 million to spend on encouraging

tourists back to London, and will initially target the UK population to

visit the capital.

Doner Cardwell Hawkins, which pitched against four other agencies, has

been briefed for a sponsorship, TV, press and poster campaign.

Last month the LTB estimated that 88 per cent of businesses associated

with tourism had suffered a downturn. It is thought revenue figures for

tourism in London will fall from £9 billion to £6 billion

this year.

The brief will also target US tourists. Recent figures show that the

number of Americans visiting the capital is down by 50 per cent.

Japanese tourists, who also make up the bulk of overseas visitors to the

UK, are also down by one-third.