"Don't sleepwalk into the ad break" warns M&C Saatchi's group CCO

M&C Saatchi group chief creative officer, Justin Tindall chooses Heart UK 'LuvDub' as this month's winner of the Aerial Awards

"Don't sleepwalk into the ad break" warns M&C Saatchi's group CCO

Winners: Alicia Dews and Gary McNulty, creatives, Havas Lynx Group

Tindall: I chose this ad because...

…it has been loved. The words are carefully chosen – no doubt the result of many self-imposed rewrites. The voiceover is fresh, modern and intriguing, and perfectly pitched to keep me interested until the end – no doubt the result of trawling through the increasingly overwhelming options.

Meanwhile, the production is considered and reassuringly well crafted – no doubt the result of the team’s refusal to be complicit in our industry’s growing "good enough" culture.

Whoever wrote this ad cared about it. And whatever you do, if you care about it, you do it better.

How would you encourage creatives to 'see radio differently'?

Don’t sleepwalk into sound
Most radio shows are now live-streamed. Think about the opportunities the visual aspect might give you to make your idea more original and three-dimensional.

Don’t sleepwalk into the ad break
Radio offers more opportunity for integration than any other medium. Not in a "matching luggage" way, though. Think outside the ad break – access the station’s regular features with your message – and you can seamlessly integrate your brand, product or service into the life of the consumer.

Don’t sleepwalk into the past
Radio advertising is not a traditional medium. Well, not any more. So it’s frustrating when radio advertising is desperately old-fashioned. The tech is now there to do extraordinarily innovative things on radio, and stations and media owners are bang up for any ideas that demonstrate its versatility.

Winning ad: Heart UK "LuvDub"

FVO With every ticking second, I give forth my love, but you defy You pushed so much, it made me sick Forgot the things I need to tick Please don’t ignore my calls again Please don’t ignore that squeeze of pain For once I stop, I won’t restart This is a plea from your dear heart.

Heart UK VO On an average day in the UK, more than 30 women die prematurely from cardiovascular disease. Please. Hear your heart. This message was brought to you by Heart UK. The cholesterol charity.


Creative agency Havas Lynx Group
Creative team Alicia Dews and Gary McNulty
Producer Paul Burke
Sound studio Another Tongue
Engineer Ben Aitken

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