Don't use Facebook Live to 'tick box', brands warned

Brands jumping on the Facebook Live bandwagon should beware that they are not simply investing in the platform as a box-ticking exercise.

Debenhams: Facebook Live activity
Debenhams: Facebook Live activity

Richard Cristofoli, marketing director at Debenhams, said that while the "immediacy" afforded by the channel is appealing, "what we don’t want it to become is something we just do to tick a box".

In line with this, Debenhams views its investment in Facebook Live as an opportunity to expand the impact of in-store marketing activity with key designers such as Henry Holland and make-up creator and tattoo artist Kat Von D. 

Cristofoli said: "Live is the digital version of the personal experience and it enables us to extend the experience beyond the store."

According to Cristofoli, 60% of Debenhams’ digital spend is currently allocated to social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. However, he emphasised that successfully connecting with consumers in a multichannel world requires more than simply investing in emerging digital channels.

The brand’s current campaign, which targets "women, not girls", underlines how the brand is embracing the "midult" market.