Draftfcb: Introduction

When a prospective client begins to seek out a new agency, their eye might be caught by the following mission statements on show:

"Delivering Incisive Strategic Direction", "Creating Effective, Award-Winning Advertising", "Accountability, Passion, Challenge and Partnership", "Our Ideas Build Businesses, Brands and the Bottom Line" - dozens of them, all attempting to evoke an almost Pavlovian response among clients, mostly bilge that leave those unfortunate clients none the wiser about an agency's underlying purpose and values.

But every so often, a positioning comes along that feels, somehow, appropriate, and that is what we have in the newly merged Draftfcb, for whose London office Campaign was commissioned to produce this supplement.

Draftfcb promises to deliver Return on Ideas(TM), a proposition for which it has created new tools and also cast many staff in unconventional roles.

The merger of FCB and Draft has created space for this new approach, with one profit and loss line across all disciplines, designed to respond to the massive changes in technology that have created new channels and a more powerful consumer.

Combine that positioning with a management team that can put some heart into the machine and you have a genuinely interesting and topical approach.

Enjoy reading here about how Nigel Jones and his 210-strong team at Draftfcb London plan to take on the rest of the agency scene from their swanky new offices in Victoria Street.