Draughtmaster barbecue ad was 'misleading'

LONDON - An ad showing a man in his garden pulling a pint from a beer dispenser has been banned after it emerged the product cannot be used outside.

Carlsberg...ad for Draughtmaster banned
Carlsberg...ad for Draughtmaster banned

The ad, by Saatchi and Saatchi, showed the man using the Carlsberg Draughtmaster at a barbecue.

The voiceover on the ad said: "Probably the best barbecue accessory in the world.

The ASA said: "We concluded that the depiction of the Draughtmaster for outdoor use was inaccurate and could mislead viewers."

The ruling followed a complaint from a customer who bought the Draughtmaster and read the instructions, which stated the product was unsuitable for outdoor use.

Carlsberg has agreed not to show the ad again.