Drench invests in cinema for the first time

Drench is launching its first cinema ad as part of a £5.5m investment in the brand.

The quirky 60-second ad shows a man with a head that functions like a Rubik's Cube.

Created by CHI & Partners, the spot shows the cubehead man trying to put his face back together while waiting at a Tube station.

After drinking some Drench with his upside-down mouth, the cubehead man solves the puzzle and corrects his face. The strapline reads, "Brains perform best when they’re hydrated". The ad features the classic 1979 dance anthem 'Oops upside your head'.

The campaign will hit cinema screens for the first time on 6 August to promote Drench's variety of flavours. It will also include point-of-sale and online activity.

Consumers will be able to view the ad in advance on YouTube www.youtube.com/staydrenched this week, ahead of the cinema launch.