Drinks-makers to include 'warnings'

The drinks industry is considering including prominent health warnings in alcohol ads in a bid to head off further government legislation.

Drinks companies have been warned by the Government that it will impose more curbs on their freedom to advertise unless they include starker, cigarette-style warnings about the dangers of alcohol in their ads.

Drinks-makers will consider the plan, as well as support the Government's "sensible drinking" drive. The culture secretary, Andy Burnham, said: "We will encourage them to press on with trials to test their warnings' effectiveness. If we need to, we'll consider more restrictions."

At a briefing this week, he said the Government would not scrap 24-hour licensing, but said concern over binge-drinking has fuelled demands for greater curbs on ads.

Local authorities have called for a crackdown, accusing the drinks industry of going to "incredible lengths" to target young people.

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