Droga5 serves up first ads for Johnsonville Foods

Humorous ads riff on tagline of "We don't make sausage. We make family. And sausage."

Johnsonville "Family Favor" by Droga5.
Johnsonville "Family Favor" by Droga5.

Droga5 this week served up four humorous spots for sausage maker Johnsonville Foods.

The ads launch at the start of barbeque season, and each shows people coming together to share some of the brand's sausage offerings.

One, "Family Favor," features a mobster who shares a grilled brat with a neighbor — with dubious consequences. Another stars frustrated parents with an adult stay-at-home son they are trying to evict.

It's the first campaign by Droga5 for the Wisconsin company, with other ads scheduled to roll out throughout the summer.

Campaign credits

Client: Johnsonville Foods
Agency: Droga5