Ducati in 90th anniversary round-the-world ride

Ducati Globetrotter 90, the round-the-World motorcycle road trip to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Ducati, has completed its fourth leg.

Ducati in 90th anniversary round-the-world ride
Ducati in 90th anniversary round-the-world ride

Seven riders selected among more than 3000 candidates from all over the world. The trip across the world will take place in seven legs, visiting the places that made the Ducati history, to celebrate 90 years. 

Brazilian Eduardo Generali completed a 5300 km ride along roads in the American West arriving in   Indianapolis.

He then passed the Globetrotter 90° torch on to Steve Fraser, who will continue the ‘coast to coast’, riding from Indiana to New York.  

From Indianapolis, he will travel towards Cincinnati and then Birmingham to visit two very important collectors who possess authentic rare Ducati models. He will then set out on the long ride to the Daytona racetrack in Florida, before arriving in New York.

In June, Audi staged a VR driving experience at Goodwood festival of speed, and in May, Hendrick's Gin launched the 'Cucumber Couriers' - a fleet of motorbikes disguised as giant cucumbers raise awareness of a peculiar gin and tonic, garnished with cucumber

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