Duff to head Granada's commercial operation

Graham Duff, the chief executive of Zenith UK, is leaving after

eight years to become the chief executive of Granada's commercial


Duff will take over from Mick Desmond, who has been promoted to the

newly created role of managing director of Granada Broadcasting and


Zenith has already put its key management succession in place - Simon

Marquis has been promoted from managing director to chief executive and

the deputy managing director, Tim Greatrex, will take over as the

managing director.

Desmond's new role combines the management of the Enterprises division

(including advertising sales) and broadcasting (including the company's

six ITV franchises and its multichannel interests - ITV Digital, ITV2

and ITV Sport) for the first time.

Desmond, who is also the chairman of the ITV Agency Committee, will take

up the newly created role of chairman of Granada Enterprises.

He said: "My brief is to bring a more commercial focus to the licensing

and broadcasting proposition. It will be a big challenge to try and

reverse some of the current trends and create a stronger ITV."

Duff will join Granada's executive board and report to Desmond alongside

Simon Shaps, who recently became the head of Granada content.

Desmond also considered internal candidates, thought to have included

the group sales director, Simon Pardon, for the Enterprises chief

executive post, but he said: "We needed to bring some fresh blood into

the organisation and Graham, with his experience at a major buying point

and client contacts, brings an extra edge."

Duff said: "When I became the chief executive of Zenith, it was the

perfect template for an early 90s media agency, but I'm leaving a

template for a broad-range media services agency for the millennium.

"Similarly, Granada seems to be a sales organisation for the late 90s

and there needs to be a shift of emphasis to bring it up to date to

enable it to deal with the changing face of media over the next five or

ten years."