Durden's adventure on BB OK with MCBD

Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy is standing by the decision of its recently appointed partner, Jonathan Durden, to participate in the latest series of Big Brother.

His entry into the house last week was followed by a series of lurid tabloid stories in which Durden, 49, was revealed to have spent a period as a sex worker and been admitted to the Priory clinic.

The MCBD chief executive, Helen Calcraft, said: "Like a lot of brilliant thinkers, Jonathan is a colourful character. It might be incomprehensible to the rest of us, but Jonathan really wanted to experience the Big Brother house. His life is and will always continue to be anything but dull. Our clients are delighted - this is popular culture, and he's living it."

Durden is the bookmakers' favourite for eviction on Friday after gaining five nominations from fellow housemates. He faces a public vote alongside Carole, a 53-year-old peace activist, and Seany, a 25-year-old charity worker.

In picking the PHD co-founder, housemates mentioned his lack of tact and his propensity to boast about his personal fortune, estimated to be worth £6 million.