Durex creates 'touch-actuator' underwear for long-distance lovers

Durex Australia has developed Fundawear, underwear that it claims allows couples to touch each other over the internet for the first time. Watch the ad here.

The underwear has been developed by Havas Worldwide Sydney, Snepo Technologies and fashion designer Billie Whitehouse. It allows long-distance couples to touch each other via a smartphone app. One half of a couple can send a message to their partner's smartphone, which then relays the message to "touch-actuators" woven into the fabric of their underwear.

Havas Worldwide Sydney developed the 'Durexperiment' platform to reinforce the brand’s positioning, which encourages people to experiment with sex. Jack Nunn at Havas Worldwide Sydney wrote the work. The digital creative director was Jay Morgan and the digital art director was William Brown. The director was Nick Hayden at Finch.

Steve Coll, the executive creative director behind the work, said: "As a start it’s kind of fun but it’s more complicated than it seems. We’ve done a lot of research in terms of the sex toys out there. There is nothing that’s been created like this. While it’s fun and light-hearted there is some serious innovation behind it.

"Australia is one of the few markets where Durex is not the brand leader [in condoms]. We wanted to draw attention to some of their product range and the ongoing Facebook conversation will target 18- to 22-year-olds to have fun, explore new things and be safe with Durex."

Durex has released a series of YouTube films to demonstrate the story of Fundawear, including a video of a real couple trialling the product. More information is available on the dedicated Durexperiment Facebook page.

Couples can also apply to win one night in two rooms in a luxury hotel, where they can try out Fundawear for themselves.

The underwear works with Apple’s iOS operating system and may be released on other operating platforms, such as Android, in the future.

Durex Australia has committed to developing the underwear into a working prototype but further development plans will depend on public interest.