Durex and MTV highlights risk of HIV in sexy black-and-white spot

A steamy black and white film funded by MTV and Durex depicting a young couple breathlessly uttering phases such as "I know how to get her pulse racing and make her sweat", is used to warn of the dangers of unsafe sex.

The 60-second video by Someone Like Me is being distributed via dedicated profiles on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It features the young couple voicing increasingly climatic phrases, each beginning with the words "I know how to get…".

The ad ends with the voiceover stating gravely: "What you know got you this far. But now what? Don’t let HIV outsmart you."

Someone Like Me is an HIV-awareness initiative backed by MTV and Durex and the film's launch is designed to tie into World Aids Day on 1 December. The tone of the campaign deliberately avoids preachiness and instead aims to raise questions and get conversations going across social media.

Clients: Georgia Arnold, executive director, MTV Staying Alive Foundation; Volker Sydow, global category director for sexual wellbeing, Durex

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