DWP faces pension ad strategy rethink

The Government is to rethink its strategy on pensions after evidence that its previous campaigns have failed to persuade people to make provision for their retirement.

Taylor Nelson Sofres Consumer researched the impact of last year's campaign.

The £4.5 million TV and press drive, created by Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, was found to increase the chances of people making provision if they already intended to act. However, it made little impact on people reluctant to provide for their retirement.

The Department of Work and Pensions, which last week handed DLKW a £24 million, two-year blitz on its Pension Credit scheme for the elderly, is now reviewing how to target younger people who do not have a personal or company pension. Government sources said that no decision had been taken on a pitch for a new campaign to boost take-up, but that a formal review was one option.

The Taylor Nelson report on last autumn's DLKW blitz concluded: "The nature of the advertising message has not impacted on behaviour as regards planning to take action against pensions.

"If the long-term aim is to change behaviour, then the challenge is to reach those who are low in confidence or without provision. It will be worth considering how the advertising can be developed to target this group further."

Some 48 per cent of people who recognised the advertising planned to take action, compared with 41 per cent of those who did not recognise it. "This suggests that the advertising is having a positive effect," Taylor Nelson said.