The e-motional economy

Today's top stories including Supermarket price war hits Sainsbury's profits, a glimpse at the future of sex, plus UK content marketing spend predicted to more than double by 2020.

The e-motional economy

Supermarket price war hits Sainsbury's profits

Most read: Supermarket price war hits Sainsbury's profits

Sainsbury's has posted a near 14% fall in annual profits as it counts the cost of the intense supermarket price war.

The grocer has reported a fall in underlying pre-tax profits to £587m from £681m for the year to 12 March.

Sales slipped by 1.1% to £25.8bn as it continued to battle against its ‘Big Four’ rivals and sprawling discounters Aldi and Lidl. Like-for-like sales dipped by 0.9% during the year.

"The market is competitive, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future," said chief executive Mike Coupe. "We believe we have the right strategy in place and are taking the right decisions to achieve our vision to be the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop."

JWT identifies 20 female tribes in global study

Advertising: JWT identifies 20 female tribes in global study

J Walter Thompson has come up with 20 new female tribes as part of its initiative analysing women's attitudes to life issues such as sexuality, careers and health.

The characteristics for the tribes are borne out of research for the Women’s Index. It found that women are now "often on equal terms" with men in terms of family and home-related decisions.

Eighty-four per cent of the 4,300 women who took part in the global study said that it is important for women to mentor younger women, 61 per cent said film and TV female role models have been influential, and 73 per cent said they make the "majority" of financial decisions at home.

The 20 female tribes that JWT has identified include "not moms" who are "happily child free". It said this means that brands need to question whether "it’s appropriate to represent all women as mothers".

Asos jumps on Instagram video carousel ads

Social: Asos jumps on Instagram video carousel ads

Instagram has expanded its video ad offering with a carousel option, which has been adopted in the UK by Asos and in the US by Airbnb and Taco Bell.

The new video format works in the same way as the familiar photo carousel ad format, inviting users to swipe sideways to see more clips. The maximum video length remains at 60 seconds.

Also in the news

Marketing: Take a glimpse at the future of sex and the e-motional economy

We're living in a more globalised world of constant connectivity. As such, our personal, as well as public, lives are increasingly being mediated by technology, write Tracey Follows, chief strategy and innovation officer at The Future Laboratory.

Given that we are entering what The Future Laboratory terms "the E-motional Economy", it is no surprise that, as a species, we are now investigating not only emotional intelligence in humans, but in machines, through human-to-machine communication and machine-to-human communication, too.

And much of the work that is being done in the area of robotics now is trying to embed empathetic notions into robots themselves.

Continue reading, Take a glimpse at the future of sex.

UK content marketing spend predicted to more than double by 2020

Media: UK content marketing spend predicted to more than double by 2020

Content marketing spend in the UK is set to rise 179.2% to £349m in 2020, from £125m in 2014, according to a report from Yahoo and Enders Analysis.

European spend on paid placements is expected to increase by 186% by 2020 to €2.12bn (£1.68bn) from 2014, more than double the €1bn expected in 2016. Marketers spent €740m on content in 2014.

The rise has been put down to "plummeting" distribution and production costs and the "maturity of brand advertising" online.

In Germany, content marketing is predicted to grow by 330% to €413m in 2020, compared with €96m in 2014. In France, it will be a growth of 237.7% to €179m in 2020 from €53m in 2014.

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