E-space lands WH Smith task

E-space, the internet ad sales group, has landed the contract for WH Smith Online.

E-space, the internet ad sales group, has landed the contract for

WH Smith Online.

Nigel Weekes, agency sales executive, is heading advertising sales for

the ISP - a job that has previously been done inhouse.

Weekes and sales executive Greg Preston have already signed up the BT

ISP subsidiary BT Together, Vauxhall, the online bank First-e and the

telecoms provider Quip since winning the business two weeks ago.

The advertisers are all running banner campaigns. In addition to selling

banners and buttons, Weekes will be talking to potential clients and

agencies about WH Smith’s wider retailing strategy. E-space is keen to

start negotiating partnership deals on behalf of WH Smith’s existing and

new clients.

Visitors to WH Smith’s site can shop for books, music, DVDs, videos,

magazines, stationery and games. They can also access current affairs

and sports news, click through to an educational sub-site linked to BBC

Education, and register to use the organisation’s internet access and

e-mail facilities.

Lesley Saville, marketing director at WH Smith Online, said: ’We are

adding features to our service all the time, making it attractive to

almost anyone on the net. Users have a great opportunity to acquire

knowledge and products from us. The combination of our name, content and

retail offering make a unique advertising opportunity.’

E-Space already sells space and handles partnership deals for Tesco,

Reuters and Ericsson. The company is also an internet publisher and has

a team of journalists providing editorial content.

Neil Morgan, E-Space’s chairman, said: ’We have learned a great deal

about advertising to online shoppers in the UK through working with

Tesco over the past year. We believe we can use our experience to

generate maximum revenue for both WH Smith and Tesco.’

WH Smith launched its ISP in April last year - promoting it via CDs in

stores across the UK - and it now has 205,000 users. The retailer also

sells books on Open and is the first bookshop to launch a WAP retailing