Earth Hour 2016 campaign sees woman from future describe hopeful climate story

Earth Hour, the annual campaign by the World Wildlife Fund, has launched a new campaign depicting a woman from the future who thank people from 2016 for taking action against climate change.

On Saturday 19 March, at 8.30pm local time, iconic landmarks across the world will switch off their lights for the tenth time with campaign supporters encouraged to do the same at home.

This year’s campaign is being promoted with a 90-second video called "the future starts today", created by Iris Worldwide, which shows an elderly woman describing how the world took action against climate change during the 21st century.

During the spot the woman, who describes events in the year 2090, gets progressively younger and watches footage played in reverse of trees being cut down and glaciers being melted.

The video concludes with the same person as a girl, who says: "in 2016 we made history when we lent our voices to planet Earth to change climate change".

The closing shot is a call to action, with text that reads: "Your action today can change our tomorrow. Switch on your social power at"

The film, viewable online, was copywritten by Pearlyn Ong at Iris and directed by Jeremy Groman through Firecracker Films.

The campaign is encouraging social media users to promote the campaign, including through using a Facebook app called ‘Donate Your Social Power’ for supporters to share climate information.

Siddarth Das, the executive director for Earth Hour Global, said: "Social media transcends physical boundaries and so does climate change.

"A simple action on social media is the kind of powerful statement that can spur our friends and communities to be a part of the climate action we need to take on this global challenge."