EDITORIAL: Don't let compassion die in recession

Fingers crossed that the steady trickle of agency job losses

doesn't become a floodtide. Because, if it does, there's a real danger

that the emotional toll that redundancy takes will be lost in the bald

figures, and stories such as that of Matt Pye will breed contempt

through familiarity. In this week's Campaign (p24), Pye recounts his

enforced exit from Partners BDDH, where he was an account director. He's

done well out of advertising's boom years and is having to come to terms

with a rollercoaster of emotion - elation, depression, frustration and

loneliness. There's the chance to explore other avenues but, as Pye

points out, advertising is addictive and nothing else quite matches its

buzz. Many others will say amen to that.