EDITORIAL: IPA hirings recognise status of creative

Last week the IPA began to fulfill its president Bruce Haines' pledge to incorporate better the interests of creatives. Kate Stanners, Andrew Cracknell and Andy Cheetham were all elected to its council in a bid to convince other creatives that the IPA is relevant to them.

At last the IPA is moving towards representing the interests of the whole industry and to really illustrate the point it has also embraced that old wolf John Ayling.

Ayling spent years at the now defunct Association of Media Independents attacking the IPA for not having media agencies' best interests at heart.

Ironically, he's now been voted on to the IPA council without serving his time on the IPA's Media Policy Group. Then again his long-running feud with the IPA probably drove more than a few media agencies into the IPA fold and for that the IPA owes him much.