Editorial: The right ingredients but Weetabix is off

Victory will taste bitter-sweet for FCB London should its Weetabix campaign pick up an IPA Effectiveness Award just as the account heads for the exit.

No matter that the case study makes a compelling case for advertising's contribution to the brand's long-term sales. Nor does it seem of much consequence that, in a cereals market hit heavily by changing breakfast habits, Weetabix has snatched brand leadership from Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Add to that the fact that for an initial ad investment of £5.5 million, Weetabix's total value sales will be worth more than £30 million within three years and the case for a review doesn't add up.

Unfortunately for FCB, Weetabix has undergone significant upheaval at senior level, resulting in a new client with an agenda for change. Worse, the company is now owned by US venture capitalists clearly determined to sweat its assets. Sometimes you just can't win.