Editorial: Trott's a divisive President's Award pick

The bestowing of the D&AD President's Award on Dave Trott will be seen by some as rectifying a grave omission. For others, it may be regarded as a curious addition to the roll of honour of a man whose name barely registers on the industry radar these days. It wasn't always so. Tyro creatives would once have crawled across broken glass to sit at Trott's feet, such was their admiration for the man who devised "'Ello Tosh, gotta Toshiba?" and "Lipsmackinthirstquenching ..." for Pepsi.

What's curious is that Trott's passion and undoubted genius hasn't put him in the pantheon of creative greats. Nick Bell, the D&AD president, compares him with David Abbott, John Webster, John Hegarty and Tim Delaney as a groundbreaker who has set the tone of the agencies bearing his name.

Maybe so. But Trott never shed his reputation for being impossible and dangerous. Moreover, while the enthusiasm of Hegarty and Delaney for the business is undiminished, Trott seems soured by it. "There are a lot of people in advertising who are as good as me, but there are an awful lot of people who aren't," he grumbled a few years ago. "It's frustrating to see them doing the work."