The Editor's Cut

When you meet people who've had a hugely successful career, and they're still only four - well OK, 34 - you may be impressed. But perhaps you are also a little depressed about your own situation in life...

What makes some people grab the bull by the horns and others sprint for the nearest fence - and then sit there, doing nothing? Fear of failure. It motivates some, paralyses others.

Dave Droga profiled in this issue, (pp 26-27) is one of those people who loves to take on roles that are too big for him - initially at least - and forces the creative teams that work under him to do the same.

The results speak for themselves, with his former agency Saatchi & Saatchi winning Global Agency of the year at last year's Cannes, and Droga subsequently being hired to take on one of the biggest jobs in advertising: global creative supremo at Publicis.

Droga's rise to success has been rapid to say the least - dispatch boy at 18, creative director at 21 and head of Saatchi Asia's creative at 26. He's still only 34 and has ambitions to run Disney. Doubtless he will achieve.

What drives him and makes him so unafraid is hard to fathom. In the early years, he claims he never thought about his age - apart from having to add a few years so as not to scare clients in Singapore. He has just got on with it. So perhaps action, rather than thought is the key.

Droga is also the youngest of five brothers -all 'super high-achievers' in art, banking and sculpture, so the fight for attention and to impress may certainly be a factor.

Whatever drives Droga, it's safe to say that he's an inspirational character. So perhaps it's time to stop fearing the worst, and doing your best instead.