Education tops IPA's agenda under new president Woodford

Stephen Woodford was this week installed as the IPA's new president and immediately pledged himself to the introduction of an education programme open to every ad industry newcomer.

It is intended to answer concerns that the specialisation of UK agencies prevents staff from gaining wider knowledge of how advertising works.

Woodford, the WCRS chief executive, has adopted it as his personal initiative during his two-year term of office.

He told an IPA lunch: "It is vital we demonstrate to people joining this business that it is one which has a great deal to teach them, and that learning more will enrich their job."

The programme, leading to an IPA qualification, is likely to run in two parts. The first, due to begin at the end of this year, will confirm that new entrants have acquired a basic knowledge of the industry. The second will be for staff who have director potential.

Cost of entry will be kept low to ensure the widest possible take-up, and much of the teaching will be online.

- Feature, p20.