EE launches viral homage Gold Spot campaign

EE, the mobile operator, has launched a new Gold Spot ad campaign featuring cinematic remakes of popular viral videos, such as Gary Brolsma's 'Numa Numa'.

EE: unveils Gold Spot campaign
EE: unveils Gold Spot campaign

The ad campaign, which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, features the strapline "The internet made more epic by 4GEE". It starts tomorrow (1 March) and will include five ads.

The first ad, "numa", is based on the video of Brolsma dancing to ‘Dragostea Din Tei’ by O-Zone. In the EE version a prisoner in a South Amercian prison called Carl surprises a federal agent when he starts performing Brolsma’s dance.

The copywriters were Paul Silburn and Rob Potts and the art director was Andy Jex. Jeff Labbe directed the ad through Sonny. The ads were filmed in Chile earlier this month.

Spencer McHugh, the director of brand at EE, said: "We know 4G makes the internet better. EE brings this to life in our new Gold Spot campaign by recreating some of the most famous virals of the last decade with a dramatic filmic makeover.

"Each of the original clips captivated a global audience and our aim is to entertain cinema-goers by rekindling their love of these internet hits whilst reminding them that content is better viewed on the go over our superfast network."

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