EE uses Santa as a case study to promote 4G

EE, the mobile network provider, has released a spoof digital campaign today that uses Santa as a case study to promote the power of 4G.

The ad is part of its "4GEE at work" campaign, which normally profiles real businesses that use 4G. It is the ninth in the series from the creative agency Publicis Chemistry.

Previous businesses featured in the campaign have included Renault UK and London’s Air Ambulance.

Their latest installation features the 600-year-old ‘Nick Saint Distribution’ and its eponymous chief executive, Nick Saint, who describes how 4GEE has transformed the company's productivity.

He explains how 4GEE allows him to download maps extremely quickly, use Google Streetview, and access Facebook, videos and attachments, which have all replaced mail as the most popular way to send in requests.

Neame Ingram wrote the spot, Paul Westmoreland was the art director, and Daniel Fagerson directed it through Salt.

Spencer McHugh, director of brand at EE, said: "Superfast 4GEE is transforming businesses all over the UK, and this tongue-in-cheek Christmas film was a great way for us to re-imagine the business challenges Saint Nicholas himself might face in the run up to Christmas."