Electoral Commission prepares TV campaign to explain AV referendum

The Electoral Commission is launching a TV ad that will explain the local elections and the referendum for the UK Parliamentary Voting System.

Created by Farm, the Government's "birds" campaign includes 30-second and 20-second spots that introduce a booklet, which explains the referendum for the voting system used to elect MPs to the House of Commons.

Briefed by the COI and Electoral Commission, the campaign will launch on 1 April and span across TV, radio and press. The aim is to create awareness of the referendum taking place on 5 May. It will also direct viewers to the Electoral Commission's website aboutmyvote.co.uk.

The campaign has been produced by 76 Ltd and media handled by GroupM's M4C.

The vote on will determine whether to keep the first-past-the-post system for electing MPs or to switch to the alternative vote (AV), which allows voters to rank candidates in their constituency in order of preference.

The ad was directed by Yann Secouet from 76 Ltd with Farm's Gary Robinson as creative director, Edward Copland, copywriter, and Lee Williams as art director.