Elmlea's eatery highlights issue of food waste

One-day pop-up is serving dishes made from leftovers.

Elmlea: dishes made from leftover foods
Elmlea: dishes made from leftover foods

Dairy brand Elmlea is staging a pop-up café to raise awareness of the amount of food wasted by UK households and to inspire people to take a different approach to leftovers.

It was developed on the back of research commissioned by Elmlea showing that nearly three-quarters of UK households are regularly throwing out food each week.

The "Taste, not waste" café will serve free lunches on a first come, first served basis. The zero-waste menu, which includes sweet and savoury dishes, was created by Elmlea. It features the top 20 food items that are most likely to end up in landfill, including lettuce, bread, cucumber, milk, bananas, tomatoes, chicken, cream and potatoes.

Gemma Williams, brand strategy and innovation manager at Elmlea, said: "We hope the ‘Taste, not waste’ café will fuel inspiration and show attendees how you can make recipes that will use up the food that’s about to go bad in your fridge."

The pop-up is taking place on 24 April in Fitzrovia, London, from midday to 3pm. It is being delivered by Wild Card.