Emap chief Toumazis defects to Disney TV

Emap Advertising's managing director, Tom Toumazis, has quit the

publishing group for a senior vice-president position at Walt Disney

Television International.

Toumazis will take the title of senior vice-president and managing

director for European distribution and will report directly to WDTV-I's

president, David Hulbert. He will be responsible for marketing and

licensing Disney content to channels across Europe, Africa and the

Middle East.

Toumazis' departure comes at a time of transition for Emap, with Robin

Miller being recalled as the chairman and chief executive, following the

resignation of Kevin Hand in May. Hand's departure, which stemmed from

Emap's disastrous acquisition of the US publisher, Peterson, had raised

doubts about the future structure of Emap Advertising.

Hand had established the division, which was designed to cross-sell

Emap's different multimedia platforms, and installed Toumazis as

managing director in April 2000.

Toumazis was quick to deny that his departure signalled any change in

structure at Emap Advertising.

"Absolutely - it's a given," he said of its prospects of continuing in

its current form.

Toumazis pointed to the strength of the management in place at the

division, including names such as Theresa Coligan and Zoe Bartlett.

A replacement for Toumazis' role as managing director has not yet been

announced. Emap Advertising's chairman, Tim Schoonmaker, will oversee

the appointment, though it is not known whether his search will focus on

internal or external candidates.

"When you're running a business of 300 people representing the portfolio

we have, you need a driver and a leader," Toumazis said.