Emap closes Digital division as dotcom crash prompts rejig

Emap has called time on its Emap Digital division as part of the

restructure that saw Digital's head, Paul Keenan, move to Emap Consumer

Media as the chief executive.

Emap Digital's former head of strategy, Dharmash Mistry, who succeeded

Keenan as executive director of the division, will oversee the folding

of its operations into Emap's other brand groups.

An Emap spokeswoman confirmed that the structure of digital operations

was under review: "They are looking at how best the division can operate

with the networks."

Mother was appointed to Emap Digital's advertising account in October in

a move that established the independence of the unit's advertising from

its sister, "dead tree" products. The agency is expected to continue

working with Emap's online brands within the new structure.