Emap hires 15 to sell Yourscreen websites

Emap has recruited 15 sales staff to sell across six new online city guides.

Emap has recruited 15 sales staff to sell across six new online

city guides.

The six Yourscreen sites cover cities served by Emap’s Big City Radio

Network: Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield and


They have already attracted advertising from the likes of Tesco, Orange

and Virgin Net - as well as numerous local companies - according to

Yourscreen managing director Iain Clasper.

’The sites are perfect for advertisers wanting to target a young,

metropolitan audience,’ he said. ’Initial interest is extremely


He added that Emap’s approach to the internet is different from that of

rival radio groups. ’Many set up websites which are simply showcases for

radio stations. We wanted to provide users with something that was

genuinely useful.’

As well as guides to pubs, restaurants and clubs, the websites include

sports sections and takeaway menus. ’No longer will you have to grub

around in a drawer for that curry-stained menu,’ said Clasper.

The 15 new sales staff are spread across offices in Leeds, Newcastle and

the headquarters in Manchester. They are led by Yourscreen’s northern

commercial director Paul Cranwell. Clasper said the sites would be able

to draw on the expertise of sales and editorial staff at the radio

stations, as well as Emap Online’s sales team. Emap Online designed the


Clasper, previously operations director for Emap On Air, moved to

Yourscreen in July. ’Before Yourscreen, Emap had established a series of

radio sites that generated a lot of traffic, but there was some anxiety

about the ability to sustain it. The radio sites now sit within the

Yourscreen services.’

Clasper described Yourscreen as the Emap group’s first genuinely

’virtual’ company. ’While it has its own management team, Yourscreen can

harness the digital media experience of Emap Online, as well as

promoting itself to a mass audience through Emap’s radio stations and