Emap names Keenan head of new division

Emap has announced that the executive director of Emap Digital,

Paul Keenan, is to head its new division, Emap Consumer Media.

Keenan will take on the role of chief executive of the group and will be

responsible for the Emap Elan network, Emap Automotive, Emap Active, FHM

International and Emap Australia.

The new division will act as an umbrella company put in place to

co-ordinate and drive the various networks together. It is thought that

Emap is acting in response to recent restructurings within AOL Time


Emap Consumer Media will not include the company's music titles, which

will remain outside the group in Emap Performance. Emap Communications,

which includes Emap Esprit, will also remain separate to the new


Keenan's appointment will come as a surprise to insiders as he has

recently been subject to rumours of being sidelined.

He will also be a part of the Emap Plc executive board alongside the

chief executive of Emap Communications, Derek Carter, the chief

executive of Emap France, Arnaud de Puyfontaine, the chief executive of

Emap Performance, Tim Schoonmaker, the financial director of Emap Plc,

Gary Hughes, the chief operating officer of Emap Plc, Tom Moloney, and

Emap Plc's group chief executive, Robin Miller.